Morocco Retreat

With Noumi and Kes, in collaboration with Astrid

September 2024

Marrakech, Boumalne Dades, Sahara

13 – 20 sept, 2024

From € 950

Starting in Marrakech

We will arrive in Marrakech and spent our first night in Riad Orange, a traditional Moroccan building with courtyard. Our stay is located in the city center within walking distance of the famous Jemaa El Fna square, where you’ll find a mish mash of food stalls, snake charmers, live music, street theater, markets etc. We guarantee that all your senses will be tickled!

(Tip: You can of course add a weekend at the end of our week to immerse yourself in Marrakech a little more)

The Kasbah

The next morning we drive inland through the mysterious moon landscape of the Atlas Mountains, past Ouarzazate towards Boumalne Dades to the kasbah where we will stay. This is located on the edge of the Dades valley and is spacious with various buildings, the large beautiful swimming pool and other lovely spots for you to relax.

PROGRAM: In the mornings we awaken our energy with a flowing yoga session, after which we move into meditation. 

Before dinner we end the day relaxed with either Yinyoga, breathwork or meditation or a combination of the three. 

Every afternoon an optional excursion is planned such as a silent walk through the rugged rocky desert, a hike through a dry river bed in the mountains and a trip to the ‘mother gardens’. These are large green oases, where all kinds of trees and flowers grow and bloom with rivers and ingenious naturally built irrigation systems. The unwritten rule is not to take anything out of the gardens, but you can pick whatever you wish if you eat it on the spot.

All excursions are optional. If you would rather spend the afternoon by the pool with a book, then you are free to do so!

Sahara dessert night

The absolute highlight of the week is the day- and nighttrip to the golden Sahara. From the kasbah we will drive for a few hours deeper into the country to the edge of the desert. At a beautiful hotel with a dromedary camp we prepare to go into the desert on the dromedaries. After a short journey we arrive at a Bedouin camp where we will spend the night under the starry sky where the immensity of the universe can be intensely felt. From your bed you can stare into the depths of the galaxy until you can no longer keep your eyes open… 

The Bedouins will wake us when it is still dark so that we can climb a nearby dune to watch the sun rise. This night under the stars and the morning rays that paint the world gold is an absolutely magical experience!!

After the sunsalutations, delicious dates and tea, we climb back on the dromedaries and head back to the hotel on the edge of the desert. We then drive back to the kasbah via some stops at interesting places such as a local market and a ksar (a fortified town with a labyrinth of covered streets)

We end the week with an optional hammam afternoon in the nearby village and return to Marrakech the next morning. 

The magical atmosphere of the rocky mountain landscape, the vast plains, the beauty of the Sahara with its gold-coloured sand dunes… you feel very connected to the earth and the infinity of all that is. Even though we have done this yoga trip several times, it feels like a new adventure every time!

Accommodation: In the kasbah there is a choice of three different types of accommodation; suites, normal rooms and some smaller cave rooms. These cave rooms have been carved out of the mountain and have beautiful views over the valley. There are no windows, only a door. It feels like you’re sleeping in the womb of the mountain!

Who is Astrid? Astrid used to organize trips throughout Africa and has now lived with her Moroccan husband Mo and two kids in Morocco for many years, where they organize all kinds of tours throughout the country. She knows Morocco inside out! The kasbah where we will be staying belongs to her husband’s family.

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