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Vinyasa Flow

Grounds, centres and balances through connecting the movements with the breath, the breath with the body, the body with the heart and the heart with the mind. Gain and expand your energy so you connect to a wider environment while rooting your body strongly on to the earth.

This active type of yoga will guide you into focus and flexibility and away from tensions and stress.
Through the clear precise instructions you’ll move your body with strength and ease, toning the major muscles as well as the deep internal core muscles.
Through simple alert presence you’ll grow your unique power of self healing, self understanding and self compassion.

Healing Yin

The calm style of Yin yoga creates space and relaxation. It’s all about letting go, there’s no aim, no achievement. By relaxing the struggle for perfection we can meet ourselves and our world as it is.
The poses are mostly seated or lying down and are held for up to five minutes or even more. While the muscles are relaxed, the joints, connective tissue and the energy lines are stimulated by the specific stretches and/ or compression, improving the flow of Chi, the vital energy of the body (and of all that is).

By integrating mindfulness and awareness in the poses you steer the vital energy to specific parts of the body. It will have a positive and healing effect on the organs, immune system, muscles, joints and releases stuck tension and emotional energies.
The poses look very relaxed and it absolutely is, but at the same time it can be physically and mentally quite intense as the deep stretch is held for a relatively long time.


It is the act of being fully present in the here and now. The art of observing without feeling a need to intervene and relax into your true nature which is love, joy and peace.

Meditation has been around for thousands of years. Early meditation was meant to help deepen the understanding of the sacred and mystical forces of life. These days, especially in western life, meditation is used mostly to relax and lower stress. It offers a wonderful way to stay centered and keep inner peace.

In the meditation of Self inquiry (who am I) we slowly build up to a state of thoughtless awareness.
Moving from open awareness, upserving what is in this moment from sounds, feelings, breath, to the focus of the spaces between the inhalation and the exhalation, and the exhalation and inhalation, Madhya, that tiny still point of nothingness that connects us to the eternal Now.
From there moving the awareness into the heartcentre and remaining there with a sense of soft thoughtless awareness.

Note; this meditation style, which I usually connect after a yoga practice, is a different style to the deep dive meditation Kes is offering

Yoga Nidra meditation

Nidra is a deeply relaxing inner journey meditation in which you’re not practicing being aware but resting as awareness itself.
While laying comfortably in Savasana the guided meditation moves you deeper and deeper into a state of relaxed consciousness, bringing the brain waves from beta to a deeply relaxing alpha state, which is the brain wave frequency that links conscious thought with the subconscious mind.
Following deeper into the practice the brain will then begin to emit delta waves, mimicking what happens when we enter a deep restful sleep.

The difference between a deep sleep and yoga Nidra is that you stay awake during this final phase. With such blissful relaxation and awareness you are able to access your subconscious thoughts and process past memories in the present moment.
Repressed and unprocessed stress, tensions and grief can loosen their grip and as a result we are given an opportunity to find a little more freedom and detachment from unhelpful habits and thought patterns.

Conscious Connected Breathing

Is a circular breath technique. This means that inhalations are immediately followed by exhalations without pause. It is a powerful and safe way to infuse the body with oxygen and energy, recharging our own (often depleted) system to strengthen its healing capacity. It facilitates openings to higher levels of consciousness, allowing us to tap into our deeper resources.
While lying on a mat you will be guided through three rounds of connected breathing and ending with savasana (restful state) in which the echos of the infused cells are being received, resulting in mental strengthening and emotional clarity.
Some people find it a deeply spiritual experience, others simply love the energy it gives them

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